Behaviour Management and Training of
Laboratory non-human Primates and Large
Laboratory Animals (CA15131)

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WG Providing Evidence

monkey plays with water tap; splashes of water
Monkey enjoys splashing with water. Photo: Christian Schlögl

Objectives: It is proposed that PRT and ABM have a strong impact on the wellbeing
of animals and the promotion of more reliable experimental results. However, only a relatively small
number of scientific studies have systematically addressed those issues and even among animal
trainers the relevant literature is often unknown. Our objective is to collect and make all relevant
scientific references and if possible abstracts and links available. This should help scientists in their
planning of experiments as well as with their argumentation with the authorities.

Tasks: compilation of a central catalogue of literature relevant for ABM/NHP training; selection,
presentation and discussion of the most important papers on ABM/NHP training; selecting basic
readings for beginners

Milestones: Literature and literature references on NHP training, PRT, ABM, Stress made available
for scientists and researchers

Deliverables: annual WG Meetings; virtual Journal Clubs: Selected articles on ABM/PRT (webinars);
Workshop: Scientific evidence on the (economic) success of PRT and ABM; catalogue of literature references about PRT/ABM; provide a selection of basic readings for beginners