Behaviour Management and Training of
Laboratory non-human Primates and Large
Laboratory Animals (CA15131)

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Increasing Competence

Increasing the Competence of the staff involved in this Action, connecting laboratories and their staff and exchanging protocols and other crucial information related to animal training and/or ABM was probably the most important ouput of this Action. Action contacts have risen from 19 to >180, showing the need for a network like PRIMTRAIN in the field.

Workshops/Training Schools:

Please find a list of Workshops and Training Schools [here].


Between 2016 and 2020 fourteen STSMs were conducted with eight European countries involved either as grantee or as host country, two countries being an ITC. Of the 14 grantees 4 came from an ITC. 4 grantees out of 14 were male. Subject of the STSMs ranged from different scientific questions and procedures using large laboratory animals to keeping and handling techniques.