Behaviour Management and Training of
Laboratory non-human Primates and Large
Laboratory Animals (CA15131)

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Research Coordination Objectives

(i) Make available and present relevant literature references on the efficacy of NHP/large animal
training; establishing a catalogue containing all relevant scientific references on PRT/ABM
(ii) Maximise NHP training efficiency in European NHP facilities by establishing a platform for
the exchange of NHP training protocols
(iii) Development of new training protocols
(iv) Propose recommendations of minimum standards in all European primate laboratories with
regard to animal training and ABM

Capacity-building Objectives

(i) Maximise NHP training efficiency by increasing competence of animal trainers and staff,
which is involved in NHP training during in-house workshops and STSMs
(ii) Provide a platform for animal trainers, researchers and other staff involved in training and/or
ABM to exchange and share knowledge on different aspects of PRT/ABM
(iii) Impart communication skills to (NHP) trainers, researchers and other staff; develop
convincing arguments for hierarchy, ehtical committees, authorities, society for the need of PRT or
ABM measures and use of NHP/large animals in research.