Behaviour Management and Training of
Laboratory non-human Primates and Large
Laboratory Animals (CA15131)

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PRIMTRAIN Calls for ITC Conference Grant Applications

With the COST Conference grants, PRIMTRAIN aims to help PhD students and early-career investigators from participating Inclusiveness Target Countries attend international science and technology related conferences that are not specifically organised by PRIMTRAIN.
Olive baboons. Photo: Sascha Knauf

Applicants will have to register with e-COST. Any e-COST user who is a PhD student or an Early Career Investigator (ECI) and is affiliated with an institution located in an ITC1 country participating in the Action can submit an application request for an ITC Conference Grant. The application must be submitted at least 45 days before the conference start date.
The applicant must be engaged in an official research programme as a PhD Student or postdoctoral fellow.

Find the user guide here.